INTEGRITES provides pro bono legal advice to the Truskavets city on the temporary accommodation of the IDPs


INTEGRITES team provides the urban community of Truskavets (Ukraine) with pro bono legal advice on accommodation for internally displaced persons (IDPs). The firm’s lawyers review the documentation and develop legal and financing structures for remodelling and repurposing of several buildings in the city centre which would allow for rapid revitalization of the neighbourhood in the resort subregion and raise resources for it. The plan addresses such challenges as speed, functionality, adaptability, and the appropriate number of IDP families that can be accommodated in the quality and safe housing.

The project is part of the Rehousing Ukraine Initiative – a partnership between the Affordable Housing Institute, a non-profit consultancy registered in the USA, and INTEGRITES, with the involvement of individual and institutional experts as needed. The RUI team is committed to helping Ukraine recover from the russian invasion and sees housing in general and temporary housing for IDPs in particular as key to a speedy, strong, and modern recovery.

On behalf of INTEGRITES the RUI team working on the project includes Partner Oleh Zahnitko, Counsel Olena Savchuk and Senior Associate Tetiana Storozhuk.


Oleh Zahnitko, Partner, INTEGRITES

We strive to create a demonstration model for revitalizing several sectors of the local economy through the restoration of several buildings. This pilot in Truskavets is a great opportunity for the RUI team to apply our knowledge and energy in helping the country with adjustment to a new normality that has this dramatic increase in the population’s mobility, but where the home is still the heart of community and personal happiness.


David Smith, CEO of the Affordable Housing Institute (USA), Rehousing Ukraine Initiative co-founder

We are honored to be working with Truskavets Mayor, Andriy Kulchynsky, to implement his vision of repurposing a mothballed hotel into IDP housing. We see this as not only an urgent solution for Truskavets but also as a prototype or pilot for similar conversion-of-use opportunities throughout Ukraine.