INTEGRITES signed an agreement on pro bono cooperation with the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine and the Affordable Housing Institute


INTEGRITES, the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine and the Affordable Housing Institute* (USA) signed a collaboration agreement aimed at housing development for war veterans and their families. The agreement is the next logical step of the expert partnership between INTEGRITES and the Affordable Housing Institute (AHI) branded as the Rehousing Ukraine Initiative, which was established in the summer of 2022.

The parties will coordinate effort for the design and construction of a pilot residential property in Kyivska oblast for war veterans and combatants who became internally displaced persons, with the further expansion of the project to other regions of Ukraine.

INTEGRITES and the Affordable Housing Institute will support, pro bono, the engagement of international financial institutions and other sponsors to the project. They will also advise on the concept, management and design decisions regarding the property, so that the developed area comprises all the community welfare elements.


Oleh Zahnitko, partner, INTEGRITES:

"We are humbled and proud to contribute to the development of institutions that ensure country's defensive capacity. Veterans set a moral example for the rest of society as long as the fight for Ukraine is concerned. As such, decent homes for the veterans and their families are not only a reward for their service, but also a principle for bringing up future defenders."


Yuliya Laputina, Minister of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine:

“Providing housing for veterans, as well as family members of the deceased male and female warriors who defended the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, has been and still remains the priority program for the Ministry of Veterans Affairs. In addition, this is one of the main directions of the future transition from a military career to civilian life. Therefore, we are actively cooperating with other ministries, agencies, our international partners to elaborate an effective mechanism for the priority provision of housing to these categories of people. I am grateful to our partners for their support and active participation in veteran projects.”


David Smith, CEO, Affordable Housing Institute (USA):

“As the Rehousing Ukraine Initiative, we are honoured to have MinVeterans’ trust in helping them deliver quality homes and services to returning veterans. Veterans and their families are heroes who deserve nothing less than our best.”


*Affordable Housing Institute (Boston, MA, USA) is a non-profit impact consultancy dedicated to improving affordable housing ecosystems around the world