INTEGRITES succeeds in GAFTA arbitration in favour of a Swiss company


INTEGRITES successfully protected interests of a Swiss subsidiary of a Luxembourg group of companies as claimant in a London-seated GAFTA arbitration.

The dispute arose out of non-delivery of Ukrainian feed corn by respondent, the Ukrainian seller, under a sales contract governed by English law. The claimant took the position that the respondent failed to supply the goods, thus, breaching the contract themself and depriving the client of the entire benefit of the Contract.

The respondent attempted to challenge the tribunal’s jurisdiction. However, INTEGRITES succeeded to defend the client’s position, having obtained a partial award, which affirmed the tribunal’s jurisdiction in the case and the tribunal’s powers to decide the procedural matters, inter alia, extending deadline for payment of the deposit.

Eventually, the tribunal upheld INTEGRITES team’s position, rendering final award on merits in favour of the client and ordering respondent to pay the damages and entirety of the arbitration costs.

Led by Partner and head of International Arbitration Olena Perepelynska, the project team included Counsel Krystyna Khripkova, Senior Associate Nadiya Mykiyevych, Associate Anna Kozyrieva.