Antitrust and Competition law experts at INTEGRITES contributed to the Ukrainian chapter of International League of Competition Law edition


Serhiy Shershun, Partner and Head of Antitrust and Competition at INTEGRITES, together with Mykola Boichuk, Senior Associate of Antitrust and Competition, contributed to the Ukrainian chapter “Competition Law Analysis of Price and Non-price Discrimination & Abusive IP Based Legal Proceedings”. The edition was published by the International League of Competition Law (LIDC).

It systematizes the international and national expert reports from different jurisdictions focusing on price and other types of discrimination. The edition is aimed at presenting a comparative analysis of antitrust legislation of different countries in terms of challenges created by the unfair pricing. It also describes how the market players can maintain a balance between the economic freedom and unfair market behaviour.

The chapter produced by INTEGRITES experts includes a comprehensive analysis of the Ukrainian legislation related to the non-discriminatory pricing policies.

The e-version of the edition

*The International League on Competition Law (LIDC) is an organization of national associations on competition (antitrust) law, intellectual property law and unfair competition. For over 90 years, the it focuses on the study of issues related to the antitrust (competition) law and intellectual property rights both at national and international levels.

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