INTEGRITES Antirust & Competition team contributed the Ukrainian chapter to the LIDC publication


INTEGRITES Antitrust and Competition team, counsel Serhiy Shershun and associate Anna Garbar, contributed the Ukrainian chapter to the book “Liability for Antitrust Law Infringements & Protection of IP Rights in Distribution”, a joint report with the International League of Competition Law (LIDC).

The book gathers international and national reports from across the globe on key questions in the field of antitrust and intellectual property to identify general trends and the most interesting features of national regulations in the relevant spheres.

The Ukrainian chapter explores the sanctions and challenges in competition law, provides a comprehensive study of all aspect of the liability for antitrust infringements in Ukraine.

The electronic version of this book is available for purchase here

The International League of Competition Law (LIDC) is an association that brings together national associations for antitrust law, intellectual property and unfair competition law. Created in 1930, the LIDC has a long-standing reputation for scientific exploration and debate.