The Ministry of Energy presented annual quotas and schedule of “green” auctions for 2021-2025


On 3 December 2020, the Ministry of Energy presented annual support quotas for producers of electricity from renewable sources and schedule of auctions for 2021, as well as indicative forecasts of annual support quotas for 2022-2025. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should consider and approve the auction quotas and schedule for next year proposed by the Ministry of Energy.

The general capacity which is proposed for distribution at auctions in 2021 is 365 MW, of which:

  • wind farms – 150 MW;
  • solar farms – 155 MW;
  • other types (biomass, biogas, small hydroelectric power plants) – 60 MW.


Auctions for 2021 are scheduled as follows:



*testing how the auction system fits for small-scale distributed generation

In 2022-2025 support quotas is planned to be distributed as follows:


However, such distribution is subject to:

  1. actual results of auctions in 2021, in particular, the demand for quotas and the final price per kWh of “green” electricity;
  2. progress of construction of manoeuvrable generation facilities;
  3. updating of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035;
  4. legislative regulation of the operation of energy storage systems;
  5. changes in legislation regarding auctions on construction of renewable energy facilities and energy storage systems.