Dmytro Marchukov at IBA Litigation Forum 2024 on Deprivation of Sovereign Immunity of Russia in Ukraine and Confiscation of Russian Assets


Senior partner and co-head of Cross-Border Litigation and Private Client teams at INTEGRITES Dmytro Marchukov spoke at the IBA Litigation Forum, which was held in Amsterdam on April 18 and 19, 2024.

As the PPID Liaison Officer of the IBA Litigation Committee, Dmytro Marchukov became part of the panel The Latest Legal Issues in Transnational Litigation that, in particular, addressed the points on which Ukraine can lead by example.

In his presentation, Dmytro has explained the decisions of the Supreme Court, which in 2022 has deprived Russia of the sovereign immunity in the territory of Ukraine, and the ample practice of the Ukrainian courts that has followed out of this, as well as Ukraine’s approach to the actual confiscation of the Russian assets through the judicial procedure.

“I am utterly grateful to the IBA for keeping the focus on the large-scale war, which Russia has been waging against Ukrainians for over 800 days already. I am also grateful for the opportunity, which I could not ignore, to speak on the topic that will remain relevant in the long run: holding Putinreich accountable, through the judicial procedure, for its bloodbath insanity. For the obvious reasons, Ukraine is somewhat ahead of the other countries on this, but we should aim for these others to follow the pattern”, said Dmytro Marchukov.