INTEGRITES cross-border dispute resolution team has many years of experience representing the interests of international and Ukrainian clients in various projects relating to dispute resolution in local and cross-border litigations, bankruptcy and appointment of receivers, asset tracing and foreclosure thereof, fraud investigations, anti-corruption investigations, foreclosure of mortgage and collateral (including corporate rights in Ukrainian companies).


  • development of a strategy for cross-border disputes involving Ukrainian business and foreign companies with assets in the CIS
  • search and engagement of foreign lawyers, auditors, detectives, appraisers and receivers, coordination of their work within the framework of cross-border litigations; assistance to foreign lawyers in communication with local clients
  • work with witnesses, legal and other experts
  • participation in foreign proceedings as experts in law of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan
  • assistance to clients in gathering evidence for the purpose of consideration of disputes in foreign courts, drafting affidavits and other documents in a case; investigation of actual circumstances of fraud.