INTEGRITES takes part in Legal High School


On January 2018 in Kyiv, the education project Legal High School was launched in Ukraine. The main goal of the project is to increase the level of legal education in the country, to make the education as much affordable as possible and the education process more effective. The organizers of the event gathered the best lecturers among which were the heads of the legal departments from large companies, partners from the leading law firms, judges and scientists who shared with the students of law faculties and legal practitioners their knowledge and experience.

Within the frameworks of the Litigation Practice School Olena Perepelynska, Partner and Head of CIS Arbitration Practice at INTEGRITES, Kristina Khripkova, senior associate of this practice as well as Dmytro Marchukov and Serhii Uvarov, Partner and Counsel of Cross Border Dispute Resolution Practice delivered lectures.

During one of the lectures, Olena Perepelynska told about the recognition of the international arbitration awards in Ukraine, in particular about the recent reforms of the procedural law according to which the amendments to the arbitral procedure were introduced. She mentioned that the main amendments were the following: the recognition of the arbitral awards received its own procedure, the grounds to refuse the recognition and issuing permits for such awards in Ukraine were defined, the possibility of joint consideration of their annulment and enforcement, unforced enforcement, converting the amount of recovery according to the arbitral award and recovery of the percentage and/or the fines were stipulated.

Olena Perepelynska also told about the judicial assistance to arbitration in Ukraine and together with Kristina Khripkova explained what it is necessary to know about London as a place for arbitration. The lecturers also told about the peculiarities to regulate international arbitration proceedings according to the provisions of the UK Arbitration Act as off 1996. Among other issues, Olena Perepelynska and Kristina Khripkova explained the procedure to attract the third parties to the arbitration proceedings, requirements to the arbitration agreement, arbitrability of the disputes and collection of evidences, as well the role of the English courts to assist the arbitration proceedings.

During the lecture, Dmytro Marchukov told the audience of Legal High School about the cross border asset tracing as well as recognition and enforcement of international and foreign courts decisions in Ukraine. By example of his own experience she showed how the asset tracing and asset arrest is happening as well as how to place a control over them and recovery proceedings against them. Dmytro Marchukov also mentioned the aspects on which it is necessary pay attention during the process of recognition of foreign court decisions on the territory of Ukraine before it starts as well during it and even when the proceedings has not started in the court of international jurisdiction.

Speaking about the innovations and tendencies of the arbitration courts of Paris and the Hague, Serhii Uvarov told about the origin and the powers of the ICC International Court of Arbitration defining its key peculiarities, in particularly attracting national committees for arbitrators’ appointments, summary decisions and the Emergency Arbitrator. During the module devoted to the investment disputes, Serhii Uvarov delivered a lecture about national and international ways to protect investments. Using practical examples, he analyzed the main situations when the protection of investments was required, in particular in case of illegal takeover and illegal actions of the state authorities.