On May 21-22, 2018 Kyiv hosted annual INTAX FORUM UKRAINE 2018 that is traditionally one of the biggest platform for communication of top managers of companies working on global markets, and professionals servicing international deals and operations. During the separate panel discussions the participants reviewed topical issues in the fields of corporate finance, individual and corporate structuring, local and international taxation, investments, and cross-border trading.

Viktoriya Fomenko, Counsel at INTEGRITES, and Oleg Kotliar, associate at INTEGRITES, took part in panel discussions devoted to reviewing issues related to corporate structuring for business management and assets protection. The participants talked about deoffshorization and how it affects Ukrainian business and on which stage Ukraine is in this process now. They also told how to comply with the requirements of MLI Convention, what risk for Ukraine to be EU blacklisted is and why standard solutions do not work anymore.

Dmytro Marchukov, Partner at INTEGRITES, took part in the panel discussion devoted to asset tracing and asset recover. In his presentation, he told about the jurisdictions that are relatively more convenient for finding assets, their freezing and recovery, as well as about the most typical reasons of success and failure in the asset tracing process. He noted that “Today, when many borrowers are unable to service their debts, and very often the creditors do not have the opportunity to meet their claims at the expense of debtors’ money, the issue of non-monetary assets tracing and recovery becomes more important. This issue becomes relevant not only when the debtor is initially unfair, but also when, due to some objective reasons connected with unfavorable market conditions, he becomes forced to hide his assets from creditors …even if when the debt appeared he did not plan illegal actions beforehand.