Olena Perepelynska and Serhii Uvarov spoke at “Everest Estate LLC and others versus Russia: analysis of the arbitral award and the Supreme Court’s decision” event.


On February 22, the Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA), together with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Committee on procedural law, discussed the arbitration award and the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of LLC Everest Estate and others v. Russia.

Serhii Uvarov, Counsel at INTEGRITES, member of the Board of the UBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, Secretary General of the UAA, provided a review of the “Crimean” cases. In particular, he noted that in public domain, there is information on 9 arbitration proceedings against the Russian Federation (RF) as regards expropriation of assets in Crimea, in which 50 Ukrainian companies and citizens of Ukraine take part. They are at different stages. In some of them, arbitral tribunals are still to decide on their jurisdiction and the liability of the Russian Federation. At the same time, in several cases, final arbitration awards have already been made. In these cases, attention is now focused on state courts at the seat of arbitration, which consider the applications of the Russian Federation to set aside relevant awards, as well as on the jurisdictions where Ukrainian claimants are seeking to enforce the awards. ”

The second part of the event was devoted to the recognition and enforcement of the arbitration award in the case of Everest Estate LLC and others v. Russia. It was moderated by Olena Perepelynska, Partner and Head of the CIS Arbitration practice at INTEGRITES, UAA President.