Stanislav Boris spoke at the meeting of the UBA Committee


On March 20, Stanislav Boris, Associate, White Collar Crime pratice INTEGRITES, spoke at the meeting of the Committee on Criminal and Criminal- Procedure Law of the UBA, devoted to the topic of procedural possibilities to protect the interests of the client in “factual” cases.

Stanislav spoke about a number of risks that exist in the so-called “factual” cases, neglecting of which can be a huge mistake. Since an open criminal proceeding on a particular fact already contains direct or indirect allegations, it creates an extremely negative reputation for the company and its management.

Stanislav emphasized the practice of national courts, as well as the position of the European Court of Human Rights, which contains a notion of reasonable period of time that differs from national law definition. In European practice the countdown begins when the pre-trial investigation starts rather than during indictment to specific individuals

In conclusion, Stanislav Boris shared the successful experience of INTEGRITES in establishing timeline to complete the pre-trial investigation by an investigating judge.