Volodymyr Rudnychenko acted as a lecturer at Legal High School


Volodymyr Rudnychenko, Counsel, Head of White-Collar Crime Practice at INTEGRITES, took part in the events organized by Legal High School. On December 10, he joined the Discussion Hub “Invisible threat: criminal law issues from the virtual world”, and on December 12 he acted as a lecturer of the 3rd module “Digital Crimes” at School of Criminal Law, where he covered the issues of Responsibility for Disclosure.

During the discussion, the participants talked about the protection of information as a priority for each subject of legal relations and state standards, analyzed what goals are pursued by hackers and who is suffering the greatest losses. Experts discussed the question of whether the current norms of the Criminal Code of Ukraine are sufficient to counter hackers and other cybercriminals.

In the framework of the lecture, Volodymyr told the students about schemes of unauthorized access to systems and fraud in air tickets sale. According to the expert, the process, which is perceived by the consumer as buying a ticket, is in fact a system of interactions between different international organizations and computer networks. The examples of such units are International Air Transport Association (IATA), which organizes mutual settlements between air transport subjects; Global Distribution System (GDS) — a network system that allows transactions between providers of tourism services; international airlines, etc.

The lecturer explained how the basic scheme of airline fraud works, and gave examples where the national airlines of different countries became victims of similar actions. In addition, speaker gave recommendations on the qualification of such types of fraud in a number of articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.