Economic growth is impossible without development of the logistics system and infrastructure. Global economic development shows that an increase in global consumption not only leads to the development of production capacities, but also of logistics in general. In turn, such development requires appropriate growth and development of infrastructure. The INTEGRITES team provides quality and innovative legal solutions in support of infrastructure and logistics projects, including public-private partnership issues. To our customers in this industry we offer the entire range of services that will ensure the effectiveness of their business.

Our services in this area include:

  • Support of investment projects for the creation and reconstruction of infrastructure facilities
  • Consultations on regulatory and licensing procedures
  • Legal due diligence
  • Optimization of taxation
  • Legal support of litigations
  • Creation of joint ventures
  • Legal support of M&A and transactions involving investment funds
  • Corporate and Project Finance
  • Legal examination of documents and advice on the passage of customs control
  • Consultations on optimization of taxation and transfer pricing
  • Bringing the company’s activities in line with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation
  • Conducting antitrust investigations and other services in the field of competition law
  • Registration of intellectual property rights, protection of IP rights and licensing
  • Dispute Resolution in the Transport Industry

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