INTEGRITES Provides Pro Bono Legal Advice to the Family of a Ukrainian Soldier Captured by the Russian army


Domestic Litigation team at INTEGRITES provides pro bono legal advice to the military personnel protecting Ukraine in the war against Russia, as well as to members of their families.

Since March 2022, dozens of families have already received legal aid. Among them – the family of a Ukrainian military serviceman who has allegedly been held captive by the Russians.

The soldier’s wife lost connection with him in March 2023 to find out later about his alleged captivity. This family has a son, also serving in the military, who required legal help after severe injury in the frontline. Our team consulted the soldier’s wife regarding the documentation of the fact and circumstances of his captivity, as well as regarding application for social benefits provided by the law for such cases. INTEGRITES has been also advising the couple’s son on the remuneration for medical treatment and rehabilitation, and on application for combatant status. Currently the family receives ongoing legal assistance from INTEGRITES. All services are provided on the pro bono basis.

Ukrainian military also address our team for assistance with various documents and state allowances, representation in courts and pre-trial dispute settlement, assistance with obtaining disability and combatant status, handling legal aspects of medical treatment and rehabilitation after injuries.

More about the pro bono initiative can be found via link.

The core team engaged in the initiative consists of partner and head of Domestic Litigation practice Oleksandr Onishchenko, associate Mykola Yerema, junior associate Fedir Vasylenko, and paralegal Viktoriia Bondar.

Oleksandr Onishchenko, partner: “Among the corporate volunteering projects in which my colleagues and I participate, pro bono advice to the military particularly stands out. It’s especially rewarding to know that our expertise and experience helps to change the lives of many people for the better. Throughout 2022 and until now, our team has devoted more than 200 hours of pro bono work to consulting and representing the interests of military personnel in courts and state bodies. This is our contribution to the victory of Ukraine and the well-being of those who risk their lives for it."