COVID-19 in Ukraine: latest news


On March 25, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted two important regulations[[1]]( referring to the coronavirus pandemic (“COVID-19”). These regulations provide for prolongation of the quarantine as well as all related limitations.


New measures introduced by the Ukrainian Government:

  1. The quarantine is prolonged until 24 April 2020;
  2. All existing measures and limitations (relating to public events and companies that receive visitors) are prolonged until 24 April 2020. Exception is made with respect to businesses engaged in:


  • Sale of veterinary preparations, animal feed, pesticides and agrochemicals, seeds and planting stock, means of communication;
  • Medical practice, veterinary practice, gas station operations, vehicle maintenance and repair, maintenance of registrars of settlement transactions, computer repair, sale of household goods and personal hygiene items, postal service.

! Application of the above exceptions is subject to the provision of personnel with appropriate protective equipment for individual protection, as well as compliance with the relevant sanitary and anti-epidemiological measures.

  1. New restrictions relating to transportation until 24 April 2020 have been introduced. They include the following:


  • Vehicles taken for rent or owned by companies should agree on their routes with the National Police[[2]](;
  • The number of passengers in one public electric vehicle (tram, trolleybus), bus or motor vehicle that performs regular passenger transportation should not exceed half of the number of seats provided for by the technical characteristics of the vehicle and specified in the registration documents.


In both cases, drivers and/or passengers should use the means of individual protection and comply with the sanitary measures.

Enterprises of strategic importance continue their operations. Employees of such enterprises, as well as state and municipal bodies, will be able to use the mentioned above public transport that will carry them exclusively, using special passes. To obtain passes, employers should address the local transport authorities with a corresponding request either in writing or by e-mail.

  1. The emergency situation was declared on the entire territory of Ukraine until 24 April 2020. Previously, such status was introduced only in selected regions, including the city of Kyiv.


[[1]]( Namely the following: On the transfer of a unified state system of civil protection in emergency mode No. 338-p (the “Regulation No. 338-p”) and On Amendments to the Certain Acts Of the Ukrainian government No. 239 (the “Regulation No. 239”)

[[2]]( Reference to the rout approval procedure –