Debt recovery might become troublesome if the debtor moves assets beyond the reach of the creditors. Even if the debtor has not resorted to asset dissipation, it is still useful for the creditors to understand its asset position before initiating court or arbitration proceedings. Knowing the other party’s assets and the steps, which have been taken with respect to them, is often crucial for the subsequent debt recovery but also for the purposes of division of communal family assets between the spouses, as well as assessing the solvency of the existing or potential business partners and taking various commercial decisions.

In these and similar situations, our asset tracing team can help. With our own staff of analysts and with a lot of experience in the use of registers and credit agencies we gather comprehensive information on targets and their groups of companies, identify and trace assets, uncover asset displacements and assess their legitimacy and thus help to enforce a claim, if necessary also abroad.

Core competencies:

  • Identification of corporate relationships of the target (including historical ones) and reconstruction of the corporate structure
  • Analysis of financial information and transactions in local and international markets
  • Identifying tangible and intangible assets (real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, trademarks and patents, licenses, etc.)
  • Clarification of the asset transfers and their legality
  • Analysis of local and cross-border commercial transactions of the companies within the group
  • Issuing detailed asset tracing reports


Dmytro Marchukov


Olena Perepelynska

Partner, Ukraine

Serhii Uvarov

Partner, Ukraine