Today, clients with large monetary claims are increasingly resorting to the use of the Asset Tracing tool, which helps collect and structure the maximum scope of information about a counterparty and its affiliates, including the entire corporate rights history in various jurisdictions, movable property and real estate, financial information, business reputation, etc.

By conducting thorough research on the intragroup ties of companies, Asset Tracing helps differentiate the real owners (ultimate beneficiaries) of a business from the nominal ones, who are often used when registering offshore companies. The use of judicial tools, which include Worldwide Freezing Order, Chabra injunction, Disclosure order, Norwich Pharmacal Order, enables one to freeze the assets of a debtor in international jurisdictions and, therefore, to recover the debt.

Asset Tracing investigations involve:

  • Locating the assets
  • Linking them to illegal activities (debt recovery case)
  • Gathering evidence on the commission of criminal acts

Asset Tracing Algorithm

  • Identification of corporate ties of the targeted legal entity or individual, including past ties, and reconstruction of the corporate business structure
  • Analysis of the companies’ financial information covering recent years
  • Tracing of tangible and intangible assets (real estate, transport, bank accounts, trademarks, licenses, etc.)
  • Analysis of local and international trade operations of affiliated companies
  • Business reputation analysis
  • Preparation of an Asset Tracing report with a detailed description of the findings


  • Tracing of hidden assets of corporate and private debtors/counterparties all over the world and visualization of corporate business structures and personal assets
  • Tracing of debtor's tangible and intangible assets in order to recover the debt to a client
  • Analysis of financial information and transactions in local and international markets
  • Recommendations regarding probability of success in recovery of concealed assets and collection of debts in various jurisdictions based on the results of the asset tracing