Climate Change Task Force

Global decarbonisation trend poses new challenges to large local and multinational producers. Many companies, especially those operating in the industries with the highest CO² emissions, are urged to turn business green and implement new technologies and procedural codes. The governments sponsor urgent transition to non-carbon economy nationally and worldwide. The decarbonisation agenda has been driven by the European Green Deal and the perspective of the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) in the EU – the tax on import to the EU is imposed to compensate damage by carbon generating producers.

Carbon emission tax will likely grow internationally and incentivize businesses to decrease their environmental footprint by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and using energy efficiency technologies.

As a legal advisor with particularly strong expertise in the field of energy and renewables, tax and financing, INTEGRITES offers turnkey solutions for business with an ambition to become climate neutral. We offer the capacity of 6 partners and 25 lawyers within the firm’s Climate Change Task Force to work in projects on:


  • Trading of energy generated from renewable sources

We help the exporters to the EU with procuring RES power on the auctions by the Guaranteed Buyer’s balancing group and RES power certificates. The exporters, thus, become exempt from CBAM.

Our Energy team is a market leader in counseling developers with a full contractual package for the feed-in tariff: participation in the market segments, power transmission and distribution agreements, PPAs (power purchase agreements) etc.


  • Green financing: IFIs, green bonds, emissions trading

Our team helps Ukrainian businesses and public entities to finance their projects with international financial institutions (EBRD, EIB, IBRD, IFC etc.) and other impact finance organizations that have been turning away from the fossil fuels towards transitional and alternative energy sources.

The firm also assists the securities regulator (NSSMC) in creating the ETS (emissions’ trading system) marketplace. As a part of advising consortium, we lead integration of ETS with the wholesale energy products trading infrastructure that brings liquidity and attracts more investors into the Ukraine’s energy efficiency.


  • System flexibility: storage and maneuvering capacities

The Ukraine’s electricity grid and traditional generation assets lack efficacy to absorb all of the RES volatile output. We drive the implementation of the state aid mechanism and the contemplated public-private partnerships to satisfy huge demand for the demand-supply matching instruments: energy storage and fast-start generation. We advise the policy makers, investors and the OEM suppliers on business models and technical side of implementing modern technology in Ukraine’s United Energy System.


  • Upgrade of Energy Efficiency: generation and industry use

We support conversion and refitting of the utilities at the industrial scale, in particular, in Ukraine’s vast steel sector. Our team was the first to introduce Energy Performance Contract Guaranteed Savings between ESCO (energy savings company) and local public authority to Ukraine.

One of the least energy efficient sector in Ukraine – the central district heating – is also among the world’s largest. Our team contributes to opening up the sector for the market competition and increased efficiency through optimization and modernization.

Cogeneration plants and shipping infrastructure have been designed and built many decades ago, with few modernizations ever since. We are establishing partnerships and support investment projects of the greener cities in the district heating with the backing by the municipalities and state aid. We support businesses, EPC contractors and OEMs in implementing industrial (decentralized) co-generation and tri-generation projects that bring down the carbon trace and decrease reliance on the heavy fuels and centralized grid.


  • Policy framing and advocacy: alternative fuels, energy storage, green hydrogen, tax incentives

Our team has been counseling NGOs, businesses and governmental institutions on the legal framework and policy development regarding energy storage, in particular, chemical accumulators and alternative fuels, including hydrogen. We have initiated and led a series of public discussion events regarding hydrogen production strategy goals and relevant legal instruments. Our team is active on advocating tax incentives concerning alternative energy sources.


  • Development of renewables


Energy is an essential factor in any economic activity and the various energy markets are highly regulated due to the complex energy infrastructure. Regulation brings with it a wide range of legal issues, both in energy production, access to energy sources, transport and transit of energy, and trade in energy.

We assist our clients in:

  • Structuring investment projects in traditional and alternative energies
  • Obtaining licences and permits for geological exploration offshore and onshore as well as for energy production and supply
  • Obtaining authorisations from the competition authority for players in the energy market with a low level of competition
  • Settlement of energy and natural resources disputes
  • Assisting in investigations by the competition authority in the energy market with signs of monopolisation
  • Advising on public procurement in the energy sector


Our experience:


INTEGRITES acted as a legal counsel to NBT AS on acquisition of a Ukrainian wind power developer as well as provided legal support to its wind power development project

INTEGRITES has advised on the first large scale project financing in renewable energy in Ukraine

INTEGRITES has advised NBT on acquisition of 750 MW wind project in Zaporizhzhia

INTEGRITES advises NBT on signing EPC contracts and preliminary financing arrangement agreement to finance the largest onshore wind farm in Europe

NBT and Total Eren

INTEGRITES has advised NBT and Total Eren on the second phase of Syvash wind project financing agreement €107.6 million worth

Scatec Solar

INTEGRITES acts as legal counsel to Scatec Solar for construction and financing of EUR 209 mln 6 PV plants in Ukraine

INTEGRITES advises Scatec Solar on financing and construction of 54 MW solar PV plant in Boguslav

EuroCape Ukraine I

INTEGRITES supports Longwing Energy SCA in reaching financial close on the first phase of 500 MW Zaporizhia wind farm in Ukraine

INTEGRITES advises Longwing Energy S.C.A. on launching Phase I of 500 MW Zaporizhzhia Wind Park

INTEGRITES protected interests of EuroСape Ukraine in UAH 4,2 mln tax dispute



INTEGRITES advises ÜMITLI on construction of solar PV plants in Ukraine


Advising the client on finance and security documentation of the EUR 1-2 bln project related to the construction of several generation and co-generation power plants and implementation of electricity supply security.

Advising the client on entering the Ukrainian market using public procurement instruments, namely through negotiating procedure with the companies-buyers of equipment.

Supporting the client on the construction of several generation and co-generation power plants worth EUR 1-2 bln and implementation of electricity supply security.

The world’s leading steel and mining company operating in 60 countries

Successful representation of the client in a multi-million tax dispute against the State Tax Service of Ukraine. The case is related to all taxes applicable in Ukraine, including such specific ones as excise tax, payment for subsoil use and land tax.

Successful representation of the client in a multi-million tax dispute against the State Tax Service of Ukraine. The dispute related to the claimed VAT refund and accrued VAT credit at the pre-trial stage.

EU Commission assistance to NSSMC

Acting in consortsium with PwC EU Services EESV (”PwC”) and Correggio Consulting Ltd for Delegation of European Commission in Ukraine to assist the Ukrainian securities markets regulator – National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) in improving energy commodity markets, including organized trading for commodity products, in Ukraine.

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