Energy is the foundation of the economy, the basis of all material production, the key element of the country’s infrastructure and the basis of its export.

At the same time, the energy market is complex and unstable in the issues related to legal regulation. We provide our clients with quality legal services in support of cross-border investments, as well as legal support in matters of taxation, compliance with environmental legislation and dispute resolution. In addition, our team has sufficient experience of interaction with government agencies and local government, which allows us to achieve better results for our clients.

Our services in this area include:

  • Support of investment projects in the field of traditional and alternative energy sources
  • Obtaining licenses and permits for geological survey offshore and onshore as well as for energy production and supply
  • Corporate and Project Finance
  • Legal audit, M&A and transactions with investment funds
  • Optimization of taxation and transfer pricing
  • Issues related to competition and antitrust investigations
  • Registration of intellectual property rights, their protection and licensing
  • Resolution of disputes in the field of energy and natural resources
  • Obtaining permits from the competition regulator for players in the energy market with low level of competition
  • Client’s support in the process of investigations by the competition regulator in the energy market with signs of monopolization
  • Advising on public procurement in the energy sector

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