The Ukrainian economy in recent years is about constant change and transformation. The economic reforms, including those in the legal system, have a clear focus on European standards and principles. At the same time, the Ukrainian economy faced the challenge of a fundamental reorientation. Heavy industry in the east of the country and eastern markets has lost importance, while the presence in Western Europe and on the world markets, especially in the fast-growing agricultural sector, has noticeably expanded.

The expansion of the Russian military aggression has suspended many reform efforts; the defense from the aggressor absorbs virtually all resources. Nevertheless, in certain sectors – energy, agriculture, defence, fiscal sector – changes are under way.

All reforms are carried out under the motto "Build Back Better", meaning that the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure, housing stock, and other facilities should go according to the current requirements and standards. Additionally, on 23 June, Ukraine formally received the status of a candidate for admission to the EU and the Ukrainian government is working hard to implement further steps to reform the country.

Among other sectors, the renewables industry is currently experiencing a revival, following important regulatory decisions regarding the feed-in tariff since 2020.

Ukraine has also been growing into an important player in the global IT market. Ukrainian specialists are in demand globally, and Ukraine has recently introduced a special tax regime for the IT industry in order to stop the migration of IT specialists to other countries.

Agrisector, renewables and IT – INTEGRITES has developed in-depth industrial expertise and advises companies from all three areas. In addition, we provide consulting services in the following industries and cover the following areas: industries and practices.

Key clients of INTEGRITES in Ukraine: Acino, AKW Ukrainian Caolin Company, Aptiv, ArcelorMittal Ukraine, Concorde Capital, Dunapack, EBRD, Emergy (former NBT AS), Euronet Ukraine, Ferrero Ukraine, IKEA, Inkerman Group, KFC, Kovalska, Longwing/Eurocape, METRO Cash and Carry Ukraine, Porsche, Saint-Gobain, Scatec, Ümitli, Wärtsilä, Ukrkhimtransamiak.


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